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P4 / 4 SWS / 6 CP (ECTS)


Prof. Dr. Melanie Volkamer

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Organisation:Karola Marky


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Our Lab is for students of computer science, mathematics, business information systems and electrical engineering and information technology (etit).

Available Topics

The available topics will be presented in the Kick-Off meeting. The slides will be available here and on our website for reference after the Kick-Off. The general areas of interest in this semester will be Privacy Friendly Android Apps (have a look at those already in the PlayStore and F-Droid (look for "Privacy Friendly App")).

In case you missed the Kick-Off meeting, you can still contact us if you would like to participate in the lab, but please look at the slides first!

Learning Goal

The skill to complete a development task professionally meeting prior specifications and adequately presenting the results. The task is focussed on the extension or development of a mobile application for Android. Examples for apps developed within this lab can be found in the Playstore or F-Droid (look for "Privacy Friendly App").


  • Experiences with the respective programming languages (Java, Android is a plus)
  • Knowledge in the field of usability and social aspects of technology are a plus
  • Knowledge in the field of it security are a plus
  • Experiences with Git are a plus (usage is expected)
  • Approval to distribute the code under an open source license (if not stated otherwise, we will publish the results on GitHub when development is complete)