Course Contents:
This course offers an introduction to augmented and virtual realities from a human-centered perspective. The focus is less on computer graphics specific issues (e.g. rendering) but on understanding human-computer interaction specific problems. The course includes an introduction to the basic concepts of AR/VR and introduces methods and techniques to design and implement interactive applications. The material will be presented and reviewed using recent research results from conferences (CHI, UIST, IEEE VR, ISMAR, SIGGRAPH).

The format of the course consists of 2 semester hours of lecture and 2 semester hours of labs. The lecture will focus on the following topics:
- History of AR/VR
- Current technologies in AR/VR
- AR/VR and human perception
- Challenge of input
- Challenge of haptics
- Interaction design for AR/VR
- Application scenarios for AR/VR
- Current research questions and challenges

Fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction (TK2: HCI)
Good programming skills in an object-oriented programming language (e.g. Java, C#)