• Instruction language: English 
  • Main topics of the course 
    • NLP fundamentals
    • Linguistic analysis - fundamentals 
    • N-gram language models 
    • Neural networks for NLP 
    • Large language models (LLMs) - foundations 
    • NLP tasks: text classification vs. text generation 
    • How to evaluate different NLP tasks? How to evaluate or how not to evaluate LLMs? 
      What are the classic and latest techniques to solve NLP tasks? 
    • What are the challenges of current techniques, i.e., LLMs? 
  • Practice 
    • Basic NLP with Python 
    • Neural network & LLM libraries 


  • Basic programming knowledge in any language (Python - preferrably, Java, C/C++) 
  • CS courses on data structures and algorithms 
  • Elementary probability