In this seminar we debate privacy and security implications of emerging Internet of Things technologies. More specifically, we will discuss new threats, various attack techniques and how to defend against them. We will cover topics such as wearable privacy, smart cars privacy, device fingerprinting, in-store tracking, HTTP (s) Traffic analysis, privacy leaks on mobile devices, data anonymization and differential privacy Issues and emerging solutions, transparency-enhancing technologies. Participants will be given a topic and a short list of recent research papers, and will be asked to prepare a seminar talk and submit a written report. The primary goal of this seminar is to improve students’ ability to read and interpret research articles, to prepare a presentation similar to what is required at a scientific conference and to lead/participate in a scientific discussion. In the scope of this seminar, students will simulate the different phases of a scientific conference: Submission of work, review, notification/feedback, submission of the final version of the report, presentation session and possibly the chairing a session.